The negative effects of bad web design

Due to technological advancements and information becoming easily accessible on the internet, we now live in the do it yourself era. Everyone thinks they are capable of doing everything by themselves as long as there is a “how to” YouTube channel to refer to. Sometimes it is a good thing to learn something new and attempt to do it by yourself but when it comes to anything business related this may not be advisable especially when your aim is to be perceived as a professional organization . Web design is unfortunately being taken for granted and poorly designed websites are all over the internet negatively affecting the businesses they represent.

What would one call a bad design?

Every idea, concept or vision can be translated into a website in different ways,thus meaning there is no exact formula to be followed but there are definitely certain mistakes one should avoid. The following are what make bad website design:

  1. Poor typography                                       
  2.   Using typography which ends up being difficult to read. Simple is always best, do not play around with too many fonts and styles. The objective is to have a clear readable page with a precise call to action.
  3. Too much clutter                                                                   This is annoying and can get someone to quickly close your page and try a different website. A home page should never be too crowded with too much information all over the place, this makes the site look disorganized and unprofessional.
  4. Bad or dead links                                       Always check for bad links. If the links on your website are not functional, your website will seem unattended and not up to date. Most prospects going through a website assume that clicking on the logo will take them back to the home page, this is also something that needs to be considered and attended to when designing a site.
  5. An unclear or lack of call to action                                 It is vital that the person visiting your website can easily find what he or she needs and almost immediately take the next step, that being either adding the product to a cart, making an enquiry or asking for a quote. A lack of call to action may lead to one losing a prospective client.
  6. Compatibility problems                                  Your web page needs to work on a mobile phone or tablet as perfectly   it does on a desktop. Studies show that people visit websites more on their mobile phones than on desktops, so it would be a major loss to have your web pages struggling to function when people are trying to view them whilst on the go.
  7. Too much flashy animation                               Large file (videos, animation or large pictures) can slow your website down. People get easily irritated when they struggle to load a page and that makes them move on to an easier to use site. 
  8. An inconsistent style and too many colours                     A good theme is crucial, one that is too bright, has multiple fonts or styles and is colourful tends to look amateurish and will put doubts in the head of whoever is looking at your site.
  9. Too many adverts                                      Adverts and pop ups are extremely irritating, people get easily put off by these and may leave the site immediately.
  10. Lack of or outdated content                                 If your company blog is posted once in a blue moon or you have none at all, it will look like you are not actively involved in the industry you are in and you will not even bother trying.

How does bad web design affect your organization ?

It is better to not have a website at all than to put out something that looks like it was designed by a child in kindergarten, here are the reasons why:

  • It costs you customers                               Anything that looks unprofessional or poorly executed reflects upon your business, optics can either make or break you, how can one trust that you will deliver a good product or great service when your website is presented inexpertly?
  • Fails to serve its purpose                                 There is no point in having a website that leaves prospects confused or disinterested. A badly designed website will have you lose more money through hosting and maintenance fees than you can actually make from it.
  • It will fail to attract or garner customers                    Even if you pay a developer to help you with SEO (Search engine optimization), a lack of content will make you miss out on securing your place on the first page of search engine result pages.
  • It is extremely annoying                               Imagine going on a website with the hope of purchasing certain products and discovering that most of what you click on is non responsive, certain products are added your cart and some aren’t , when you are about to purchase products you find your self having to restart the process or you are led to a blank page, will you ever use such a website again ?

Tips on what a good website consists of                      

A simple to understand navigation.

A great choice of typography and color scheme.

Relevant and small sized animation.

A great blog that is helpful and frequently updated.

Well organized content.

A nice and clean layout.

Few to no adverts.

A clear and concise call to action on your home page.

An appropriate design that coincides with the theme or topic.

There is a lot I could write on this topic but I decided to highlight what I deemed most important and helpful. In order to get the most out of your website, weather you currently have one or you are thinking of getting one designed, I would suggest you get a professional to help you. Nowadays you can get great web design packages at affordable prices, considering that your website is your company’s first impression, don’t you think its worth the investment ?